4 Ways to Get Traffic without social media

Are you a businessman?? Are you looking to promote your business through online?? Then creating a website for your product and getting traffic to your website is a great way. Website traffic is the main portion of internet traffic. Either you can get website traffic organically or you can website traffic buy from some authorized sellers.There is some company like SEO company in Bangalore they will help you to get more traffic to your website.
4 Ways to Get Traffic without social media
In Today’s world, each and every businessman are looking to promote their business in a short period. Website traffic is the only thing you can get more traffic to your website in a short period. Website traffic is the main portion of internet traffic. Instead of using any Social Media, the traffic you can try traffic organically. You can also use visitors traffic buy from some authorized sellers. Here we will see some ways to get traffic without social media.

1. Links to Your Bloggers in Your Post:

While you are getting traffic to your website, one of the biggest mistakes you can making is never try to link out. Links out to others in your post is the main drawback, and they will notice you and most of them will try to link out of your post.

2. Use the Intro Method to Get a Massive Forum Traffic:

The forum is one of the easiest ways to send traffic to your website. By using a forum and drive traffic to your website is the well pretty one. Think about it and try to use forums in a correct way.

3. Find and Pull Method:

In this method first, you need to find out relevant posts on high traffic sites in your niche as soon as they published. For the second step is to go to the post as it is published and read it and write out a post as soon as it published.

4. Viral Content Buzz Community:

Viral content buzz community is the one and only place where you can earn points for sharing a people content and those very points to share to get other peoples.

How to Get More Traffic  to Your YouTube Videos

YouTube is the great source of traffic for websites. A one minute video can tell you lots of stories which you can’t forget for years and years. You can get a bulk volume of traffic to your blog or website through YouTube. YouTube is the name which deals with countless videos. Everyone have their own YouTube channel to publish videos. For this process, you can buy YouTube comments to your videos.
If you have more numbers of comments in your YouTube channel video, It will tempt the other visitors to see what is in that video. So lots of people will view your video automatically your website traffic  also increase. All you need to know is it works. Here we will discuss some ways to get traffic to your youtube videos.

3 Ways to get more Traffic:

  1. Insert keywords into your video title
  2. Reply to popular Video
  3. Insert Videos at the end of your video

1. Insert Keywords into Your Video Title:

While you creating a video title is very important because it shows what your video is about. Next important thing is a keyword in your title. So insert keywords in your title when they are relevant. For example,if you have a video about birthday party then you add a keyword like party organisers.

2. Reply to Popular Video:

Not only YouTube allows You to Post a video  and you can also reply to certain videos. You can find a popular video with millions of views and post your video as a reply. Millions of people will see your video because you posted your video as a reply.

3.Insert Videos at the End of Your Video:

It’s very simple. You have to create a video and show your other related video at the end of the video. This is the moment when your viewers are most engaged in your content.

Avoid Unsafe, Uncertified hoverboards

Hoverboards can catch fire when riding or charging. Due to this issue, the United States restricts the hoverboards. The self-balancing scooter or hoverboard and an electric scooter are all run on high battery. The battery is made up of lithium ion and it should be a fire and electrical safety. If the batteries are not certified then it is not safe and may cause a fire at any time.


Are there Safe hoverboards to buy?

  • Yes, there is a safe and certified one hoverboard available in the market to buy. Segway miniPro is certified by UL (Underwriter Labs) which states that it can standard for electrical and fire safety. The segway minipro is built with a combination of Ninebot.
  • And also trust the UL-certified self -balancing scooter which has low risk in battery fires.

Advantages of Segway miniPro Self Balancing Scooter:
The segway minipro is a developed from its older version Segway. It includes many features and provides a safe riding. The listed below are some of the advantages:

Customizable LED lights: Whether it is day or night, an automatic headlights and taillights make a rider visible to others. The light in a segway minipro is fully customizable.
Improved Maneuverability and Steering: To control a segway, you should need a practice. And also you should aware of the movements.
Anti-Theft Alarm: The Segway minipro is connected via a mobile app which allows you to control it. It also includes an anti-theft alarm. If someone trying to stole yours segway then instantly you will receive an alert or message.
I hope this article will help you to buy the best hover board with a UL certification and its need.

Factors Affecting Public Sector Banks

Hello readers….as you all know that this article is about-“Factors affecting the public sector banks”, so first we should know some abstract facts about this fastly growing banking industry and some of the public sector banks and then the factors affecting them.

Introduction: Banking sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in India. It accounts for around 14.8 percent of the aggregate net sales of the top 500 companies of India. And now the banking sector is becoming more complex. So evaluating the factors influencing the efficiency of banks is not an easy task. There are so many factors that need to b considered.

To know about all the factors that are affecting the public sector banks, a research has been done. Also, some studies have been undertaken for measuring the productivity and operational efficiency of banks. Let’s take an example of some of the top public sector banks of India namely: State Bank of India (SBI), Central Bank of India(CBI),Oriental Bank of Commerce(OBC), Bhartiya Mahila Bank(BMB) and Punjab National Bank(PNB). IFSC code of oriental bank of commerce is used by their customer in Fund transfer. After all the research work we get to know about some factors that are affecting the public sector banks. Some of the factors are as follows:

  • Factors Influencing Capital Adequacy.
  • Factors influencing the quality of assets.
  • Factors affecting the management efficiency of banks.
  • Factors affecting quality of earnings.
  • Factors affecting the liquidity of banks.

Factors Influencing Capital Adequacy:

The important thing for a bank is to maintain its depositors’ confidence and to prevent the bank from going bankrupt. This factor also reflects the overall financial condition of banks and also its ability to meet the need of additional capital. It also indicates that whether the bank is capable of absorbing the unexpected loses in future. Capital adequacy ratios act as indicators of bank leverage. The ratios are as follows:

  1. Capital adequacy ratio (CAR)
  2. Debt-Equity ratio (D/E)
  3. Total advances to total assets (ADV/AST)
  4. G-secs to total investments (G-Sec/Inv.)

Factors Influencing The Quality of Assets:

To gauge the strength of a bank, the quality of assets is an important parameter. The main motive behind measuring the assets quality is to declare the component of nonperforming assets as a percentage of total assets. This indicates what type of advances the bank has made to generate the interest on income. The ratios necessary to assess the quality of assets are:-

  1. Total net NPAs to Total Assets (NNPAs/TA)
  2. Net NPAs to Net Advances (NNPAs/NA)
  3. Total Assets (TI/TA)
  4. Percentage change in Net NPAs

Factors affecting the management efficiency of banks:

This includes the subjective analysis of ratios to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of management. The management of bank takes crucial decisions depending on its risk perception. It helps bank to set its vision and goals for the entire organization and sees that it achieves them. This parameter is used to evaluate management efficiency so as to assign premium to better quality banks and discount to poorly managed ones. The ratios used to evaluate management efficiency are:-

  1. Total Advances to Total Deposits (TA/TD)
  2. Profit per Employee (PPE)
  3. Business per Employee (BPE)
  4. Return or Net worth (RONW)

Factors affecting quality of earnings:

One of the most important criterions that determine the ability of a bank to earn consistently is quality of earnings. It basically determines the probability of a bank and explains its sustainability and growth in earning in coming future. This parameter puts light on much of a bank’s income which is earned through non- core activities like investments, treasury operations and corporate advisory services and so on. The following ratios explain the quality of income generated:-

  1. Operating profit by Average Working Funds (OP/AWF)
  2. Percentage growth in Net Profit (PAT growth)
  3. Net Profit/Average assets (PAT/AA)

Factors affecting the liquidity of banks:

Risk of liquidity is a curse to the image of bank. Bank has to take a good care of liquidity risks, at the same time ensuring good percentage of funds invested in high return generating securities, so that it is in a position to generate profit with provisional liquidity to the depositors. Following are the ratios use to measure the liquidity:-

  1. Liquid Assets Deposits (LA/DD)
  2. Liquid Assets to Total Deposits (LA/TD)
  3. Liquid Assets to Total Assets (LA/TA)
  4. G-Sec to Total Assets (G-Secs/TA)
  5. Approved Securities/Total Assets (AS/TA)

All the south indian bank branches has an identification code called as IFSC code. This code is issued by RBI (Reserve Bank of India).

3 Types of Bike Locks Explained

Safeguarding your bicycle while on the road is the most needed task nowadays. Bicycles become the best companion and you need to protect it to avoid being theft.

Here comes in action, the use of best bike locks. The below are the major three types of bike locks that you might consider buying one.


U-Lock is the most commonly used lock as it is considered the most reliable one. U-Lock’s horseshoe shape reduces the amount of space in which a thief is able to put a crowbar and pop it apart. Its solid locking system is able to easily resist hammers and clippers, but when it comes to sawing or breaking by prying apart the arms with a jack or levers – it’s not that resistant. But who in their right mind carries a saw? Small and medium U-Locks lock one wheel and your frame to any fixed object. Large U-Locks, on the other hand, are able to lock both wheels and the frame to a fixed object.

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit U-Lock will be the best example for this. The lock is very well-built and will survive literally anything. Even if a bomb goes off – and while your bike will be gone – this lock will be still there.

The lock is 5 feet long and is simply a beast. But, unfortunately it weighs about 15 pounds.

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Cable Lock:

Although very reliable and multi-functional, Cable locks offer less theft deterrence than U-Locks. They are great when combined with U-Locks to protect easily removed parts of the bike. Cable locks are available in different diameters, designs and even colors.

The thicker the Cable lock, the stronger it generally is. Some Cable locks have sheaths which make the theft more difficult. If not used in combination with U-Locks, Cable locks are pretty good for friendly neighborhoods and low-crime areas. Although many Cable locks have built-in locks, there are a lot of others which require a stand-alone padlock. It’s important to note that the padlock is much easier to cut than the Cable.

Kryptonite Double Loop Security Cable will be the best example for this type of lock. It is a 7 foot long double loop security cable. It has a convenient hoop-n-loop strap which allows for easy carrying. The cable’s looped ends allow to easily lock it to any padlock or disc lock.

Kryptonite KryptoFlex also has a 3/8 inch braided steel cable offers better cut resistance than any twisted cable. Although its thick vinyl coating is supposed to protect the lock against scratching your bike, it doesn’t always do an excellent job at it.

Chain Lock:

Chains are less convenient to use than Cables and U-Locks as they are bulky and the links can get caught on different things. A reliable Chain is always heavy, so it’s not the best option for carrying with you on long rides. Also it’s important to remember that thieves can easily cut through thin Chain locks, no matter how sturdy it is. Go for a thick one if you prefer chains.

BioShock Infinite – Latest Offering From Irrational

BioShock Infinite is the third game in the BioShock series. It is the latest offering from the Irrational games and is published by 2K games. This game is developed on different storyline from the previous games but only the setting is different. The gamer can enjoy all the gears, weapons and other powers in the same way as he did in previous ones.

BioShock Infinite – Latest Offering From Irrational

Compatibility on Various Platforms

BioShock Infinite is today’s game and you can find it among your favorites on all the present day’s platforms. Made compatible with PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and MS Windows, you can store and run this game on any computer and gaming system of your choice. The gaming experience is increased manifold when you are able to play it wherever and whenever you want; thus, providing you the wholesome entertainment.

A Peek to American Exceptionalism

Bioshock Infinite is set in the era of American Exceptionalism. Based on the developments that marked the year of 1912, this game has a protagonist who takes up the challenge of finding a woman, Elizabeth who is kidnapped. Booker the protagonist and Elizabeth in order to come out of the city has to take up fight against warring people of the city and so the game rolls open giving scope to use of powers, weapons and gears making the fight challenging as well as exciting. Gamer is supposed to take up the role of Booker and he uses Elizabeth and weapons as support for coming out victorious from many challenging situations and dangers.

Weapons and Situations Providing Flow to the Game

Booker can move on foot and is given a vehicle also called Sky-line. This game belongs to first person shooter series and adopts the technique of role playing for keeping the gamer engaged. Challenge starts with attempt to reach Columbia and the weapons and tools of various kinds are used to fight the hurdles. Main weapons include Volley gun, Burst gun, Pistol, machine gun, heater, repeater, Sky-hook, Shotgun, RPG, Sniper Rifle, Crank Gun, Hand cannon and few others.

Player gets the support of Vigors also that require Salts to become functional. Only two of the vigors can be used at a time. He can switch between the previous used Vigors as per the situation. Devil’s kiss, Murder of Crows, Shock Jockey, Undertow, Return to Sender are some of the interesting Vigors that cost some 14,481 silver eagles for upgradation and the player can get number of life lines using these Vigors.

Locations that You Find in BioShock Infinite

Comstock House: This is Comstock’s work base and is actually a huge fortress where the people are converted into Comstock’s puppets for becoming the face of the future that is envisioned by this character.

Welcome Center: It is the first location of the game and from here the story of Booker rescuing Elizabeth actually rolls out. You get an overview of the city and its colored culture.

Finkton: This is the Worker’s district of Columbia. Fink is the decision maker about the fate of the workers and lets the workers who favor him enjoy at the Good Time Club and those against are made to slog worse and tortured by Fink’s Flying Squad.

Emporia: This is the cultural hub of Columbia. Important figures like the Bank of the Prophet and Lutece Labs stay and work from here. It is an important place in the course of the game as when the main characters of the game arrive here it is converted into battleground and is seen plagued with the dead bodies lying on the streets.

Gears for the Player

BioShock Infinite gets the player to get into four kinds of gears. These are actually the types of clothing and used one at a time. These can be changed at related menu option and the player is given the options of hat, shoes, pants and shirt to choose from. Hat is used for performing various controlling actions like possessing or burning or shocking the enemies. Boots or shoes grant bonuses to the player. He can use boots for improving the survival capabilities. Pants help the player come out of difficult situations and repower him when he is lacking in resources. Shirts increase the efficiency of the player while fighting. He can use this gear to shock or reduce the strength of the enemy by emanating power bursts.

What All You Get When You Buy BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite is available in premium edition that consists of mini guide named as Art of BioShock Infinite, a 25 mm Handyman figure that is actually the snapshot of the board game Bioshock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia, Murder of Cows vigor bottle keychain measuring around 3 inches, vigor Devil’s Kiss’s lithograph of the advertisement, Digital Soundtrack and platform-friendly downloadable content like Booker’s Avatar costumes for Xbox 360 and BioShock themes for PC and PS 3.

Pre-ordering Comes with a Number of Bonuses

BioShock Infinite buyers can win a number of bonuses on pre-ordering it. Premium Edition is priced at $79 and the Ultimate Songbird edition costs $149. Songbird Edition has some more bonuses added to the Premium Edition content. Songbird Edition buyers get a hand-painted, resin enameled Songbird statue that is a rage amongst the game and statue collectors.

Various retailers have come up with the idea of providing bonuses such as 1600 Microsoft points at Microsoft store, $30 credit towards any 2K game at Amazon, Comstock Bird’s Eye sniper rifle damage reskin at Best Buy. All these bonuses are made to encourage the pre-orders in large numbers.

BioShock Infinite – The Success Story

BioShock Infinite has won the Game Critics award for visual art design, setting and story. It is the third most popular game of 2013 and has received maximum number of high ratings from the buyers and players. The sales figure shot up to 3.7 million within the first two months of release and the current number has crossed 4 millions. It has won Action Game of the Year award at 17th Annual D.I.C.E. awards.

Buying Twitter followers

What Are Twitter Followers?

Twitter is an emerging social media network and is a by tech giant in the true sense. Like other social websites, it is used by billions of users across the world. Twitter offers an innovative feature on its social media platform in the form of Follower. This Following signifies our agreement or liking for a topic or content like a photo or video. Twitter is one of the biggest innovative changes to occur to a search engine in recent times. It has changed the way websites are represented by the search engine. Many business organizations across the world are using Twitter as the social media platform to engage brand or product promotion and to boost their sales and gain worldwide recognition.

Buying twitter followers

Why Should You Buy Twitter Followers?

Buy Twitter Followers deeply affect the search engine results and the website rankings as more and more people search for the trending topics on search engines. If you have created a new website then, in the beginning, your website must be having a very low ranking and you have to wait for some time ranging from weeks to months at stretch before Google indexes your website and start showing it in the search engine results.

On the other side if your website has a large number of Twitter Followers that means that a large number of people like your website and agree with the idea of your website then your website will be indexed quickly by Google as more and more people will be searching your website on the internet. A large number of Twitter Followers means that your website will climb the rankings chart faster than you have imagined and will be included in the search engine results and sometimes almost immediately. It Is because of the reason that in recent times Google has started to rely on these Twitter Followers of a website or a person to index the websites or a person and include them in the search engine results.

Twitter Followers add a trust factor to the website related to product or brand and deems the website more trustworthy. Twitter Followers have a direct impact on the person visiting the website as more number of Twitter Followers reflect that many people have liked the website or the product and they trust the website, which will make the new person to agree with the website without any hesitation and he can also trust the website and can become a potential customer in future. Lack of Twitter Followers represent that website is not trustworthy or do not offer good products or services. Apart from that, larger number of Twitter Followers increases the brand recognition by increasing the social buzz about the brand or product and significantly boosts sales.

Why Choose MediaMister?

We have a team of expert professional whose only aim is to help you in getting the desired recognition. If you purchase Twitter Followers from us you will be benefitted in many ways. First of all we provided genuine and authentic Followers so we are 100% reliable and through providing you reliable Twitter Followers our aim is to lend credibility to your site or product. Secondly, Mediamister are totally dedicated to increase your social media presence and help you gaining worldwide popularity which is very essential in establishing your brand value. We have wide range of packages to choose from and all are very economical and easy to choose from. Our only aim is to spread your message by helping your website indexed in the search engine as soon as possible. We are dedicated to increase your brand value and help you grow.

Why Purchase Web Traffic

Each individual who thinks about the web knows the significance of having satisfactory traffic to a website. This is the reason obtaining traffic is a satisfactory system for expanding the profit from a website. There are a few routes through which one can buy website traffic. It is imperative for everybody who needs more visitors to his website to know the methods that can work best. A standout amongst the most widely recognized methods for purchasing such services is to purchase perpetual restricted backlinks. This can incredibly help the presentation of a website and the hits that it gets.

Why Purchase Web Traffic

They are exceptionally successful in light of the fact that they are essential components of website streamlining and ranking. For a great many people who own websites, backlinks go about as a trap that draws in individuals to tap on and wind up on the web page that is connected to them. They are what in the long run lands viewers to a page and convey business to the proprietor. This is more critical when the destinations that are connected through the backlinks are utilized to offer products or services.

Since not everybody knows how to fabricate backlinks to their locales, it gets to be important to purchase them from others. The ranking of a website in the web search tools is prone to go higher if the backlinks utilized are from page rank 5 destinations or those that rank much higher. It consequently is critical to know the kind of website that you are acquiring the links from. The other choice that is just as famous in purchasing of these services is pay per click promotion. There is requirement for alert when utilizing this strategy in light of the fact that there is installment of cash. On the off chance that it is not done well, the proprietor might simply discover that he is spending more than he acquires. Obviously, this will be to the impediment of the online based business in light of the fact that all that will be expected are misfortunes.

The way that pay per snap promoting works is that the proprietor will be charged an expense each time somebody taps on the advertisements and the links. The mystery of achievement with pay per snap promoting is to accompany the most suitable magic words so that the focused on individuals will be the ones to tap on them. It is likewise imperative to be guaranteed of unwavering quality with the framework that you are utilizing. You can likewise to buy visitors to your website through email advertising. Be that as it may, you must be exceptionally watchful with this strategy in light of the fact that there are extremely strict regulations. You can’t simply purchase a rundown of email addresses and begin sending messages to them. You can without much of a stretch be blamed for spamming. Before focusing on this strategy, you must know the ins and outs of it.

Web trafficking services can likewise ensure a specific number of visitors to a website consistently. This can likewise expand the ranking of the website in the search engines. It basically uses search engine improved decisive words together with links to get more hits to the webpage. In the event that you comprehend your website well, picking a workable choice ought not to be an issue.

Motorola Dext – Answering Your Wants

It has been a long time since when people have left doing with Motorola, as it had been thought to be outdated and lacking the desired features. But now with the changing technology Motorola has switched towards a unique and innovative direction. The newly introduced Motorola Dext in the market has been doing marvelous. It is doing the same as the Palm Pre or the HTC Hero gadgets had once done. It has excelled the Razr in terms of its embellishing outlook and thin surface. It seems quite comfortable to use. Motorola is now introducing newer ways to establish social communication networks through the Dext.

Motorola Dext

Gorgeous Appearance

Firstly to notice about its external look that is pretty gorgeous. It is hard enough to avoid the breakages. Its size lays almost the same as the T-Mobile G1 used to have. Moreover it consists of a keyboard that can be slide out. It is also provided with pillow keys. Thought the keys are arranged very tightly and closely, but the use is pretty comfortable and rather enjoying. The smartphone is having a very fine touch screen that possesses resistivity. The screen is very prompt on its responses. A slight touch can make the applications run inside it. It is having a Gorilla glass display. Moreover there is a proximity sensor in order to turn the gadget OFF automatically.


The Motorola Dext has wonderful specifications. The phone is capable to store unlimited contacts in its phonebook. You can do photo call as well. The call records are also unlimited. The internal memory is 1 GB, in addition to its 256 MB RAM and 512 MB ROM. There is also a micro SD available for its card slot that can hold up to 32 GB data. Additionally the Bluetooth is v2.1 with its A2DP. The gadget runs on Wi-Fi connection. There is a port for microUSB v2.0. You can save mp3 or WAV ringtones for sound alerts.


There is a primary camera that is autofocus with 5 MP qualities. It can hold geo-tagging. The operating system is the Android v1.5. It has a 528 MHz ARM 11 processor. It can make ample html browsing. The gadget does not have its radio. There are many games available in the gadget. There is a GPS support as well in the device. The microphone automatically performs the function of noise cancellation. It can support Google mapping along with area views. Besides the set can perform streaming automatically while you are conversing with friends or doing with other stuff. It synchronizes all the applications under usage along with the provision of newest updates and your data storage. Apart from this, if you would like to install custom built Android apps, then you should root your Motorola smartphone.

Decent Gadget

All in all you would find the Motorola Dext to be having a large screen, along with its user friendly keyboard. The gadget seems quite decent from the outlook. It is the first device that relies on its Google Android platform. You can maintain the use of social networking sites through it like Facebook, Twitter etc. There is a universal inbox as well, where you can see all the latest messages, emails, and the updates.