3 Types of Bike Locks Explained

Safeguarding your bicycle while on the road is the most needed task nowadays. Bicycles become the best companion and you need to protect it to avoid being theft.

Here comes in action, the use of best bike locks. The below are the major three types of bike locks that you might consider buying one.


U-Lock is the most commonly used lock as it is considered the most reliable one. U-Lock’s horseshoe shape reduces the amount of space in which a thief is able to put a crowbar and pop it apart. Its solid locking system is able to easily resist hammers and clippers, but when it comes to sawing or breaking by prying apart the arms with a jack or levers – it’s not that resistant. But who in their right mind carries a saw? Small and medium U-Locks lock one wheel and your frame to any fixed object. Large U-Locks, on the other hand, are able to lock both wheels and the frame to a fixed object.

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit U-Lock will be the best example for this. The lock is very well-built and will survive literally anything. Even if a bomb goes off – and while your bike will be gone – this lock will be still there.

The lock is 5 feet long and is simply a beast. But, unfortunately it weighs about 15 pounds.

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Cable Lock:

Although very reliable and multi-functional, Cable locks offer less theft deterrence than U-Locks. They are great when combined with U-Locks to protect easily removed parts of the bike. Cable locks are available in different diameters, designs and even colors.

The thicker the Cable lock, the stronger it generally is. Some Cable locks have sheaths which make the theft more difficult. If not used in combination with U-Locks, Cable locks are pretty good for friendly neighborhoods and low-crime areas. Although many Cable locks have built-in locks, there are a lot of others which require a stand-alone padlock. It’s important to note that the padlock is much easier to cut than the Cable.

Kryptonite Double Loop Security Cable will be the best example for this type of lock. It is a 7 foot long double loop security cable. It has a convenient hoop-n-loop strap which allows for easy carrying. The cable’s looped ends allow to easily lock it to any padlock or disc lock.

Kryptonite KryptoFlex also has a 3/8 inch braided steel cable offers better cut resistance than any twisted cable. Although its thick vinyl coating is supposed to protect the lock against scratching your bike, it doesn’t always do an excellent job at it.

Chain Lock:

Chains are less convenient to use than Cables and U-Locks as they are bulky and the links can get caught on different things. A reliable Chain is always heavy, so it’s not the best option for carrying with you on long rides. Also it’s important to remember that thieves can easily cut through thin Chain locks, no matter how sturdy it is. Go for a thick one if you prefer chains.