Avoid Unsafe, Uncertified hoverboards

Hoverboards can catch fire when riding or charging. Due to this issue, the United States restricts the hoverboards. The self-balancing scooter or hoverboard and an electric scooter are all run on high battery. The battery is made up of lithium ion and it should be a fire and electrical safety. If the batteries are not certified then it is not safe and may cause a fire at any time.


Are there Safe hoverboards to buy?

  • Yes, there is a safe and certified one hoverboard available in the market to buy. Segway miniPro is certified by UL (Underwriter Labs) which states that it can standard for electrical and fire safety. The segway minipro is built with a combination of Ninebot.
  • And also trust the UL-certified self -balancing scooter which has low risk in battery fires.

Advantages of Segway miniPro Self Balancing Scooter:
The segway minipro is a developed from its older version Segway. It includes many features and provides a safe riding. The listed below are some of the advantages:

Customizable LED lights: Whether it is day or night, an automatic headlights and taillights make a rider visible to others. The light in a segway minipro is fully customizable.
Improved Maneuverability and Steering: To control a segway, you should need a practice. And also you should aware of the movements.
Anti-Theft Alarm: The Segway minipro is connected via a mobile app which allows you to control it. It also includes an anti-theft alarm. If someone trying to stole yours segway then instantly you will receive an alert or message.
I hope this article will help you to buy the best hover board with a UL certification and its need.