Ways To Install The Apk Are Not Available In Your Country

There are so many applications which are not available in all countries.This can be pretty, but many great apps are not available.Rooting is one of the methods to install the app but it is not suitable for all Android Smartphones.

Ways To Install The Apk Are Not Available In Your Country
Here is the simple way to download apks for free but the many people are not aware of it.Here I am providing some installation steps to download the application which is restricted in your region.

What Is An Apk File

If any application which is not present in the play store and you are trying to use the application then you need to access it with the .apk file format.APk files are used for installing the application which is unknown on Android Operating System.

Why We Should Install Apk Files

If the Particular application is not available in the play store then downloading and installing the apk file is the only option for your device.In Play store, some of the apps are restricted to download in some countries. Just follow the below steps to download those applications in your android smartphone.

Steps To Install The APK File

  1. You need to Install the VPN application for the fake location to the Play Store.Install the VPN application and make sure that you will choose the location manually on your device.
  2. Open the VPN application and select the country where the application is available. Select the location and then connect to VPN Services.
  3. Go to “Settings” click on the “Apps” and choose “Google Play Store” and tap the storage. Then, Clear the cache memory of the application.Then go back to the application information Page and click the “Force Stop” button.
  4. Click on the browser such as google and search the apps which you like to install then tap on the play store link. Click on the play store functionality you would not find any application on your device.
  5. The link will be open in the play store.Now you can click on the “Install” button.Once you click on the install button, the play store will prompt you to accept the terms. Click on Accept to install the app. This time Google will ask you to continue setting your play store account.Select the Skip button and start downloading the application.
  6. The application will be installed successfully to your device.

Plenty of application are available in the market but some free apks are restricted to some countries and you can’t download the application unless and until you have the access to APK files. Hope the above said method to download the apps through VPN services will help you download the restricted apps on your smartphone.

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