BioShock Infinite – Latest Offering From Irrational

BioShock Infinite is the third game in the BioShock series. It is the latest offering from the Irrational games and is published by 2K games. This game is developed on different storyline from the previous games but only the setting is different. The gamer can enjoy all the gears, weapons and other powers in the same way as he did in previous ones.

BioShock Infinite – Latest Offering From Irrational

Compatibility on Various Platforms

BioShock Infinite is today’s game and you can find it among your favorites on all the present day’s platforms. Made compatible with PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and MS Windows, you can store and run this game on any computer and gaming system of your choice. The gaming experience is increased manifold when you are able to play it wherever and whenever you want; thus, providing you the wholesome entertainment.

A Peek to American Exceptionalism

Bioshock Infinite is set in the era of American Exceptionalism. Based on the developments that marked the year of 1912, this game has a protagonist who takes up the challenge of finding a woman, Elizabeth who is kidnapped. Booker the protagonist and Elizabeth in order to come out of the city has to take up fight against warring people of the city and so the game rolls open giving scope to use of powers, weapons and gears making the fight challenging as well as exciting. Gamer is supposed to take up the role of Booker and he uses Elizabeth and weapons as support for coming out victorious from many challenging situations and dangers.

Weapons and Situations Providing Flow to the Game

Booker can move on foot and is given a vehicle also called Sky-line. This game belongs to first person shooter series and adopts the technique of role playing for keeping the gamer engaged. Challenge starts with attempt to reach Columbia and the weapons and tools of various kinds are used to fight the hurdles. Main weapons include Volley gun, Burst gun, Pistol, machine gun, heater, repeater, Sky-hook, Shotgun, RPG, Sniper Rifle, Crank Gun, Hand cannon and few others.

Player gets the support of Vigors also that require Salts to become functional. Only two of the vigors can be used at a time. He can switch between the previous used Vigors as per the situation. Devil’s kiss, Murder of Crows, Shock Jockey, Undertow, Return to Sender are some of the interesting Vigors that cost some 14,481 silver eagles for upgradation and the player can get number of life lines using these Vigors.

Locations that You Find in BioShock Infinite

Comstock House: This is Comstock’s work base and is actually a huge fortress where the people are converted into Comstock’s puppets for becoming the face of the future that is envisioned by this character.

Welcome Center: It is the first location of the game and from here the story of Booker rescuing Elizabeth actually rolls out. You get an overview of the city and its colored culture.

Finkton: This is the Worker’s district of Columbia. Fink is the decision maker about the fate of the workers and lets the workers who favor him enjoy at the Good Time Club and those against are made to slog worse and tortured by Fink’s Flying Squad.

Emporia: This is the cultural hub of Columbia. Important figures like the Bank of the Prophet and Lutece Labs stay and work from here. It is an important place in the course of the game as when the main characters of the game arrive here it is converted into battleground and is seen plagued with the dead bodies lying on the streets.

Gears for the Player

BioShock Infinite gets the player to get into four kinds of gears. These are actually the types of clothing and used one at a time. These can be changed at related menu option and the player is given the options of hat, shoes, pants and shirt to choose from. Hat is used for performing various controlling actions like possessing or burning or shocking the enemies. Boots or shoes grant bonuses to the player. He can use boots for improving the survival capabilities. Pants help the player come out of difficult situations and repower him when he is lacking in resources. Shirts increase the efficiency of the player while fighting. He can use this gear to shock or reduce the strength of the enemy by emanating power bursts.

What All You Get When You Buy BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite is available in premium edition that consists of mini guide named as Art of BioShock Infinite, a 25 mm Handyman figure that is actually the snapshot of the board game Bioshock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia, Murder of Cows vigor bottle keychain measuring around 3 inches, vigor Devil’s Kiss’s lithograph of the advertisement, Digital Soundtrack and platform-friendly downloadable content like Booker’s Avatar costumes for Xbox 360 and BioShock themes for PC and PS 3.

Pre-ordering Comes with a Number of Bonuses

BioShock Infinite buyers can win a number of bonuses on pre-ordering it. Premium Edition is priced at $79 and the Ultimate Songbird edition costs $149. Songbird Edition has some more bonuses added to the Premium Edition content. Songbird Edition buyers get a hand-painted, resin enameled Songbird statue that is a rage amongst the game and statue collectors.

Various retailers have come up with the idea of providing bonuses such as 1600 Microsoft points at Microsoft store, $30 credit towards any 2K game at Amazon, Comstock Bird’s Eye sniper rifle damage reskin at Best Buy. All these bonuses are made to encourage the pre-orders in large numbers.

BioShock Infinite – The Success Story

BioShock Infinite has won the Game Critics award for visual art design, setting and story. It is the third most popular game of 2013 and has received maximum number of high ratings from the buyers and players. The sales figure shot up to 3.7 million within the first two months of release and the current number has crossed 4 millions. It has won Action Game of the Year award at 17th Annual D.I.C.E. awards.

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Motorola Dext – Answering Your Wants

It has been a long time since when people have left doing with Motorola, as it had been thought to be outdated and lacking the desired features. But now with the changing technology, Motorola has switched towards a unique and innovative direction. The newly introduced Motorola Dext in the market has been doing marvelously. It is doing the same as the Palm Pre or the HTC Hero gadgets had once done. It has excelled the Razr in terms of its embellishing outlook and thin surface. It seems quite comfortable to use. Motorola is now introducing newer ways to establish social communication networks through the Dext.

Motorola Dext

Gorgeous Appearance

Firstly to notice about its external look that is pretty gorgeous. It is hard enough to avoid the breakages. Its size lays almost the same as the T-Mobile G1 used to have. Moreover, it consists of a keyboard that can be slide out. It is also provided with pillow keys. Thought the keys are arranged very tightly and closely, but the use is pretty comfortable and rather enjoying. The smartphone is having a very fine touchscreen that possesses resistivity. The screen is very prompt in its responses. A slight touch can make the applications run inside it. It is having a Gorilla glass display. Moreover, there is a proximity sensor in order to turn the gadget OFF automatically.


The Motorola Dext has wonderful specifications. The phone is capable to store unlimited contacts in its phonebook. You can do photocall as well. The call records are also unlimited. The internal memory is 1 GB, in addition to its 256 MB RAM and 512 MB ROM. There is also a micro SD available for its card slot that can hold up to 32 GB data. Additionally the Bluetooth is v2.1 with its A2DP. The gadget runs on a Wi-Fi connection. There is a port for micro USB v2.0. You can save mp3 or WAV ringtones for sound alerts.


There is a primary camera that is autofocus with 5 MP qualities. It can hold geo-tagging. The operating system is the Android v1.5. It has a 528 MHz ARM 11 processor. It can make ample HTML browsing. The gadget does not have its radio. There are many games available in the gadget. There is a GPS support as well in the device. The microphone automatically performs the function of noise cancellation. It can support Google mapping along with area views.

Besides the set can perform streaming automatically while you are conversing with friends or doing with other stuff. It synchronizes all the applications under usage along with the provision of newest updates and your data storage. Apart from this, if you would like to install custom built Android apps, then you should root your Motorola smartphone.

Decent Gadget

All in all, you would find the Motorola Dext to be having a large screen, along with its user-friendly keyboard. The gadget seems quite decent from the outlook. It is the first device that relies on its Google Android platform. You can maintain the use of social networking sites through it like Facebook, Twitter etc. There is a universal inbox as well, where you can see all the latest messages, emails, and the updates.